About Us

We’re Patrick and Emily Daniel. 

We own and operate Maple House together.

We’re both originally from a small farming community in the Pacific Northwest, but the Navy brought us to Pensacola a few years ago. We just celebrated 10 years of marriage and enjoy traveling, near and far!

We have different strengths…

Patrick:   Research & Development, Analysis, Networking,  5 years in Cyber Security, 5 years in Real Estate &  Rehabs

Emily:  Marketing & Design, Networking, Project Management, 7 years Marketing/Outreach, 4 years in Real Estate & Rehabs

Our Big Why

We love living in Pensacola, and are dedicated to seeing it thrive. This area is a patchwork city made up of beautiful beach properties to impoverished neighborhoods and everything in between. We’d like to focus on improving the overall living conditions of this area for all the families who choose to call this place home.

For us, this looks like rebuilding neighborhoods, one street number at a time. We seek to provide homes to buyers with the same goal in mind – whether they are just starting out, or are seasoned professionals. Our mutual background in civil service and nonprofit work has aligned us with a shared goal of building a business where everyone wins.

Our Vision

It is our intention over the next 5 years to:

– Build a team of talented individuals working in their passions

– Continue to learn and educate others as we do so

– Expand regionally

We have huge goals for our family and these push and guide us in our marriage and in our small business. Our dream is to leave a legacy, and Maple House is helping us work towards that every day.

Our big picture goal during this time is to focus financially on a ramp up to the creation of the Maple House Foundation within 10 years, a resource for the empowerment of at-risk youth.

The Maple House Story

In 1984, my grandparents began the process of building their home on Maple Avenue in the Southeastern Valley of Walla Walla, Washington. This home would soon become a sanctuary for the whole family, who joined them sequentially within the decade.

The house on Maple plays host to many things: the charming sounds of instruments gifted from friends in foreign countries, the beauty of wood-grain within personally hand-crafted furniture from my grandfather’s workshop, and the celebrations of success, love, and life.

The house on Maple is a place for newcomers, refugees, memories and many lessons learned. While there are numerous things my grandparents should be proud of in their professional accomplishments, I would instead identify this as their greatest masterpiece, their legacy.

The house on Maple is a symbol for our intention to not only partner with others to find their own “Maple House”, but to strive towards the values I found within. Ambition to overcome challenges, kindness and humility in all things, and an unfailing effort to focus on the future while appreciating the now.

It’s our dream to share these values on a larger scale via the Maple House Foundation, in years to come. Until then, let us know how we can help you, whatever your version of a Maple House legacy might be.